Эротический чат с моделю - Anniesclub


Что мне нравится: CATCH ME BY SURPRISE. Tip when Im offline to make me feel special & know you’re thinking of me. SMILE & HAVE FUN After all, this is what it is all about, isn’t it? Just don’t take yourself too seriously. BE A GOOD FRIEND say Hi, please, thank you and help to get room’s target. I APPRECIATE YOUR TIPS A LOT Each and every tip counts and helps, 1 tokens or 1000. EEL FREE TO STAY & CHAT Even if you can’t tip today please don’t whine about, but try to talk to other members in public chat, be positive & friendly, appreciate other’s tip. Maybe you’ll have some tokens to spare next time or the time after that.

Мне не нравится: I WON’T PERFORM IN A PORN MOVIE OR HAVE SEX WITH YOU. So please don’t ask. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT Treat me & people in the room how you woulk like to be treated. If you don’t like it in my room, just move on instead of being rude.