Эротический чат с моделю - DonnyWilliams


Что мне нравится: My toys, my lovense, a good dick, a good talk, and educated man. C2C turns me on because it's more exciting for me when I can see the man behind the screen, when he sees me completely naked. I enjoy smart guys who do not want to waste time. I like men who know what they want me to do. I love erotic conversations. I love life’s contrasts and though I am younger and small I adore mature men no matter the age. I love to spend time with you guys and we would both be wasting our time trying to rush things so please don’t. ^_^

Мне не нравится: Rude guys. It is not hard to say “hello” or “goodbye”. If you are polite to me I will give you the same courtesy. ;)