Эротический чат с моделю - JanneGreen


Что мне нравится: What excites me or makes me happy? I love a man that makes me happy to die ... that they respect me that make me feel loved, I love a man that has no problem in that I can be myself, for me it is important that my friends and my users know that if I work in bonga it's not just for fun but working in bonga gives me a job I hope you understand why I put topics or goals to achieve my life goals

Мне не нравится: I do not turn off almost anything, except the rudeness when you are rude to me I banned you instantly, it also bothers me when some bonga member starts behaving like my boss when I clarify I am an independent model and I only seek to be myself, please do not you ask me to show my pussy or my ass if you are not willing to tip me first REMEMBER "this is my job"