Эротический чат с моделю - heartbreakerr


Что мне нравится: Smart man with dirty mind and beautiful heart ❤

Мне не нравится: - When guys treat camgirls like sex toys. - Racist, rude and freeloaders. Beside this... - I will never beg for your tok; - I will never beg for your friendship; ... If you treat me like a sex toy I will give the same treatment for you, and, YES, I will behave like a real gold digger with your pretty person; ... If you treat me like a human I will treat you the same and I will show you the best of my person. I am not a pussy, I am not an ass. I have a heart - sometimes hahaha, I have feelings, so treat me with respect and I will do same for you. ... I dont like when guys are talking to me and leave me talking alone...abruptly, unless u lost connection hehehe My time is precious and my attention too, so, please, dont waste it ;) ...that is all...for now!