Эротический чат с моделю - mollyforyou


Что мне нравится: Love to be kissed, caressed, spoiled, and to be treated nicely with respect. Vibrations from my toys : ) I offer full control options on Lush and Nora toys in Private. Ask me how ... : ))) If you have a MAX toy, let’s talk, let’s play … hehe ; ) If you have some secrets, PM is 44 tokens. That is less than the price of a cup of coffee with free re-fills : ) And I will love to hear your secrets ; ) FREE unlimited PM’s with Fan Club, each time you enter my room, you will have my attention : )

Мне не нравится: Demanding, arrogant, rude and uneducated people. If you want to act like an idiot, then I'm NOT your girl, find another. Don’t ask me where I’m from … I am from 47.0247° N, 28.8326° E I like smart men, if you are smart, you will figure that out : ) Don't send me PM when I am busy, I will NOT read them, PM is 44 tokens if you want my attention. FREE PM's with Fan Club membership, and you will always have my attention when you enter my room : ) I not look at ‘shield’ / ‘star’ / ‘diamond’ / ‘crown’ / ‘VIP’ … so what? How many token you carry has nothing to do with respect. Treat me with respect and you will have mine also, my respect does NOT depend on the amount of tokens you carry into my room. Kindness and generosity will get you everything you CUM here for : ) Be respectful and nice in my public chat or my MOD will 'mute' / 'kick' / or 'BAN' you. No matter who you 'think' you are!