Эротический чат с моделю - amantblackho2


Что мне нравится: It turns me on when i am pleased and i have a good company and what makes me feel happy when u have pleasure and its because i was pleased in same time with you ->when i recive respect and compliments, gifts too if you offer me all thouse things u will make me a happy woman :X ->i;m excited to see that you are obedient ,when i see that you do the things that i want :X:X:X ->guys who spoil me ...i do deserve that and i appreciate and excited to see the prove of your love :

Мне не нравится: Rude persons but I can handle with that if u had a bad day just tell me maybe I can make u feel better if u offer me some time Guys like "get naked""show pussy/ass/tits" i hate it :)) i asure u that u will no recive nothing acting like this :X I DON;T PLAN THE PRIVATES IN FREE AREA :) THANK U GUYS WHO ASK ..."HOW MUCH IT IS "