Эротический чат с моделю - RedSexyFoxXXX


Что мне нравится: “A woman wants to be loved, to be spoken to and burned at the same time from a passion for her. It seems to me that love and passion are incompatible concepts. " David Herbert Lawrence

Мне не нравится: Хамство,жлобство.. RULES 1. Respect me and my friends in my room and u will be respected by us. 2. for every request there is a tip menu and a topic to fallow 3. If u come in my room and i do a show, please don’t tell me what to do...show me respect and enjoy the show. 4. I do not meet in person, because i am not a escort 5. I do not answer STUPID questions 6. Please DO NOT send stupid Pm's!! 7. Don't request for free,read the topic for some info 8. don't call me slut,bitch,whore or cunt or bby, bb, baby...